A New B2B Brand for Freshly Fresh-Prepared Meal Delivery Solutions

A New B2B Brand for Freshly Fresh-Prepared Meal Delivery Solutions

The world has changed and we have too. Learn about the recent rebrand of our B2B arm of the business and the updates we’ve made to our mission and vision for a new type of meal delivery benefit solution. 

A message from Tom Futch, VP, FreshlyWell 

If this is your first time visiting our website in a while, you might notice it looks a little different. The world has changed, and we have too. We are Freshly’s new innovative business unit that provides nutritious fresh--prepared meal delivery solutions to B2B channels, including: corporations, healthcare systems, hotels, colleges/universities, health insurance plans, senior care/caregivers, fitness clubs, weight loss companies and government (local, state & federal). While Freshly is the nationwide leader in the consumer fresh-prepared meal delivery space, there is significant need to serve these market sectors to ensure their organization has access to convenient, healthy nourishment on a daily basis whether they are working remotely at-home or they are on-site. As we all learned over the last few years, it is deeply important to practice self-care and nutrition/nourishment is foundational to making this possible. 

As part of this evolution and growth, the current brand identity, messaging, creative and content did not accurately represent our value proposition and go-to-market (GTM) approach for the B2B sectors. The goal of our rebrand for the Freshly for Business business unit was to develop a new innovative brand that speaks to the varied needs of the market and our diverse channel GTM strategy. 

As a result, FreshlyWell is now here to provide our market leading solutions to each of you. Here are some key details to our new brand, look and feel. 

  • Our new tagline is: Effortless Meals. Tailored Solutions. Wellbeing for All 
  • Our value proposition is: FreshlyWell is a dedicated arm of Freshly that’s tailored to holistic wellness & nourishment, at scale. With flexible, end-to-end meal delivery solutions for every need, FreshlyWell is devoted to quality, convenience, and the balanced wellbeing of your people. 
  • Our Positioning Statement: Freshly began with a simple seed: To make eating better effortless, in a world where convenience equaled compromise. FreshlyWell is a continuation of that vision—a dedicated arm of Freshly that’s tailored to holistic wellness & nourishment, at scale. Designed specifically for employers, organizations, and member communities of all shapes and sizes, our affordable & healthy meal delivery service has flexibility at its foundation. Our offering includes personalized discounts, subsidies, and end-to-end mealtime solutions for all your needs—on site or at home—all powered by the nationwide leader in fresh-prepared meal delivery. Rooted in health, crafted for convenience, and designed for everyday life, our suite of products make mealtime effortless. No matter your audience, good health begins with great food—let us bring it to the table. 
  • The FreshlyWell logo: The FreshlyWell logo is born out of the Freshly brand and logo as our heritage is critically important to who we are and it utilizes italicized type to convey a sense of speed and innovation. 
  • Our Colors: Introducing plum, inspired by the darker tones typically associated with corporate branding. Plum is a rich jewel tone complement to Freshly green that gives FreshlyWell  its own character, while still fitting into the existing Freshly color palette. This is the FreshlyWell family of colors. 
  • Our Voice Principles: Our principles guide the way we talk and write—it’s not just ‘what’ we say, but ‘how’ we say it. We are:
  • Assured: As the nationwide leader in fresh-prepared meal delivery, Freshly continues on its trajectory from ‘one of many’ in a crowded field of competitors to the ‘obvious choice’ for organizations of all sizes. This confidence is reflected in the way we communicate.
  • Insightful: All we do, and say, is ultimately born out of our mission to make eating better effortless, in a world where convenience equals compromise.
  • Vibrant: At Freshly, we’re fueled by flavor as much as food. We live to eat rather than eat to live, and that comes through in our voice. 

How can organizations work with FreshlyWell for meal delivery solutions? FreshlyWell will work with organizations to understand their needs and develop a meal delivery solution that works best for their organization. We have both on-site and at home meal delivery options that allow them to customize the offering to match their needs and budget. With our on-site delivery solutions, we’ll place our Freshly Smart Fridge at one or multiple locations for the ultimate convenience, provide organizations with meals in a grab-and-go manner accessible via their cafeterias, micromarkets and more, and help cater their mealtime occasions without the hassle and expense of caterers. With our at home delivery solutions, we’ll work with organizations to develop a meal subsidy program (fully or partially paid) and provide meals that can be self-selected or managed on behalf of their people and shipped directly to their homes to enjoy. We can also develop an exclusive discount or bulk gift card program to provide their people an incentive or perk to show appreciation. 

For FreshlyWell—and for me—we strive everyday to be a part of something bigger. We want to bring nourishment and wellbeing to individuals on their terms so that they can be productive, less stressed and live healthier. Take a look and tell us what you think. 

We’re FreshlyWell. We’re here to support your meal delivery needs.

Tom Futch, VP FreshlyWell

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