Supporting Employee Health & Resilience Through Personalized Wellbeing

Supporting Employee Health & Resilience Through Personalized Wellbeing

In August 2021, Mercer conducted a survey with 2,000 American workers to see what they really wanted from their companies coming out of the pandemic. They found that across the board, employees want employers to care about their health and wellbeing. 

However, there’s a discrepancy between how employers think they are impacting wellbeing versus how employees feel. In fact, studies show that 81% of executives believe their company is doing a good job supporting the physical and mental health of employees, compared to only 46% of employees. As a leader, how can you make employees feel supported?

Why improving nutrition is crucial in any organization

Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Eating healthy food is tied to our ability to have energy, stay healthy, and be productive. In fact, studies have found that ​​unhealthy eaters are 66% more likely to experience lower productivity. As put by Richard Safeer, physician and advisor in the health and wellbeing space: “Think about how wellbeing fits into your business plan. In order to help people with different backgrounds, our approach is to create a wellbeing culture that supports every individual's wellbeing journey.”

4 tips on how to improve nutrition in your organization

With the new normal, companies are changing the approach they make when it comes to supporting the wellbeing of their workforce. Even though benefits aren’t a one-size-fits all, nutrition is a benefit all employees can leverage to improve their lifestyle. Here are few tips on how to improve nutrition in your organization:

  1. Understand your employee population: Get feedback from your people on what their wellbeing goals are. Is it to have more energy? Are they addressing a specific health issue? Knowing what their personal needs are and the kind of journey they’re on is a great jumping off point to strategize what nutrition options are best suited to your organization.

  2. Help employees change bad habits: Lead by example. When executives are the ones at the forefront of change and their team sees that, this will trickle down to other levels in your organization. Employees will follow by shifting their meal habits. Ultimately, it’s creating a culture that embraces healthy food.

  3. Give access to education: Make sure there are resources available for employees to understand the benefits about nutrition. Are communications about nutrition being shared?

  4. Make eating healthy accessible: When leadership provides easily accessible, nutritious options, they impact their people's health on a daily basis. With every meal they receive, employees can see their company cares. This ultimately increases productivity and supports employee health and resilience.

Could a meal program help support your employees?

When choosing a food program, some factors to keep in mind include the nutritional value of each meal, if it's convenient to prepare, can be customized to individual employee needs, and can it fit into your employees’ daily routine. 

If you are looking for HR benefits designed to improve employee wellbeing and resilience, FreshlyWell could help. FreshlyWell offers personalized discounts, subsidies, and end-to-end mealtime solutions for all your needs, powered by the nationwide leader in fresh-prepared meal delivery. Rooted in health, crafted for convenience, and designed for everyday life, the suite of products makes mealtime effortless. No matter your audience, good health begins with great food.

As put by Tom Futch, Vice President at FreshlyWell: “Coming off of 2+ years of a pandemic, we can all agree that health and immunity are paramount to the future of our ability to take care of ourselves. We believe nutrition is a foundational element to that.” If you want to learn about the connection between food and health, take a look at our FreshlyWell Meal Delivery Starter Guide.

FreshlyWell Meal Delivery Starter Guide

FreshlyWell Meal Delivery Starter Guide

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