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As employers confront the ever-evolving employment landscape, one thing remains constant: keeping your workforce connected and cared for—regardless of where, when, and how they work—is key to creating a happy and healthy workplace culture. Nutrition is at the core of wellbeing, and that's where we come in. By partnering with organization to deliver healthy, fresh-prepared meals at home and on-site, FreshlyWell helps employers invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees by fueling their days with intentional smart choices.

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Wellbeing for All

Promote healthier habits and help save on long-term healthcare costs.

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Choose from more than 50 meals on our rotating menu that cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles.

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More Time for Life

Take the stress out of meal prep and give them more time for everything else.

Expand your offerings while saving money

Whether you have a fully remote, on-site or hybrid workforce, we offer meal delivery solutions that fit your needs. Fully prepared meals reduce on-site cafeteria staff requirements and catering support while expanding convenient, better-for-you options available to employees no matter where they work.

Something for everyone

Our rotating menu of 50+ fresh, not frozen, healthy and fully prepared meal options are designed to meet employees' diverse mealtime needs and tastes.

Encourage healthy choices

The Freshly Smart Fridge is a low-maintenance onsite option that collects user information for efficient order planning, customer satisfaction, and purchase trends. Its presence encourages employees’ engagement with wellness initiatives, especially when a subsidy is offered.

Make work-life balance easier

Our convenient, flavorful, and wholesome meals encourage employees to nourish their minds and bodies. And taking the stress out of meal prep can boost productivity and improve the employee experience.

The perfect perk

Whether you want to show appreciation for your employees hard work, provide holistic wellness incentives, or support work/balance, our nutritious meal delivery solutions help employers make a difference with food benefits.
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The food is good and fresh! And with lots of variety. After working 60+hrs a week, they’re a lifesaver!

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- Freshly Customer

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