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Across the country, our healthcare systems are working hard to keep their dedicated front-line workers happy and fulfilled—removing barriers to wellness on the job and increasing job satisfaction in an effort to retain staff. Overworked, overwhelmed workers often need help finding work-life balance. That’s where we come in. By offering FreshlyWell’s hassle-free, nutritious meal options, health organizations can help make their employees’ care and nourishment a top priority.

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Wellbeing for All

Provide easy access to nutritious, prepared meals and support the holistic wellbeing of your healthcare workers.

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Choose from more than 50 meals on our rotating menu that cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles.

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More Time for Life

Take the stress out of meal prep and give them more time for everything else.

Make mealtime stress-free

Take the stress out of mealtime. Our menu of effortless lunch and dinner options offer easy access to flavorful foods crafted wholesome ingredients—all ready to enjoy in just minutes. They’re the perfect mealtime solution for staff members with diverse and changing work schedules—from short breaks between surgeries to overnight shifts with limited dining options.

Put their needs first

Your staff is committed to care. Make their care and wellbeing a top priority by providing 24/7 access to nutritious, fresh-prepared meals that are always available—even after your cafeteria closes.

Choose your on-site solution

With our innovative grab-and-go options—placed conveniently in your cafeterias or in one of our Freshly Smart Fridges on each floor—you can reduce staffing and budget requirements while still providing easy on-site access to fresh-prepared meals.

Something for everyone

Offering nutritious meals encourages healthier habits, and Freshly’s rotating menu of 50+ meals meets a variety of tastes, lifestyles, and needs.

Put wellbeing within reach

By offering bulk orders, flexible meal subsidies, and curated price point menus, we help our partners commit to budget-friendly wellness solutions.
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We were looking for a meal vendor to support our program and we went to every type of meal vendor under the sun. Ultimately we went with FreshlyWell because it was a better deal, we liked that the meals were pre-prepared and overall they checked more boxes, in the end, to help us execute this program for our healthcare workers.

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- Northwell Health

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