At Home

Meal Subsidy

The perfect option for organizations that want to support their people and help them develop healthier habits, our flexible meal subsidy program delivers nutritious, balanced meals directly to your people’s homes.

How It Works

Set Up Your Meal Plan

We’ll work with you to offer fully or partially subsidized meals to your people (they’ll still have complete control over their meal selection and home delivery).

Utilize Custom Marketing Materials

Once their account is set up, we’ll send you custom marketing materials & guidelines to help explain our service, the subsidy, and how to redeem their meals.

Enjoy Custom Selected Meals

Your people will receive their meal subsidy via a customized email. From there, they’ll be able to select their meals, checkout with their subsidy applied (no credit card required), and begin enjoying balanced, fully-prepared dishes.

No Need to Worry About...

Added Stress
No meal prep required.
Dietary Guidelines
There's something for everyone.
We deliver meals across the continental US.
Learn how FreshlyWell can support your meal delivery needs.