Freshly Smart Fridge

Our Freshly Smart Fridge offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience for your organization’s on-site setting. It’s an easy-to-use, grab-n-go mealtime option that can be fully or partially subsidized by your organization and set up in as little as 10 minutes!

How It Works


FreshlyWell will partner with you to determine the on-site placement of your smart fridge and help coordinate meal selection and payment options as well as a meal order/drop shipment process that best fits your needs.

Data & Engagement Tracking

Each meal will be delivered with an RFID sticker affixed for tracking and quality assurance; view important metrics via your organization’s dashboard such as meal shelf life, meal selection, and meal preferences!

Fridge Accessibility

With their ID cards or credit cards, your people will be able to access and unlock the smart fridge and retrieve their meals.

Easy Operation

Once the door is closed, your smart fridge will recognize the meal selected and the meal will be paid for by your organization (if subsidized) or by the individual.

Continued Support

We'll support you with everything from stocking and re-ordering to managing meal meal inventory and marketing activation—it's a truly effortless mealtime solution!

No Need to Worry About...

Cafeteria Staffing
Just grab and go.
Ordering & Payments
It’s automatic.
Meals are fresh and ready to heat and eat.
Learn how FreshlyWell can support your meal delivery needs.