Group Meal Orders

Need a more convenient way to cater your next special occasion or event, without the hassle and expense of caterers? Try our group meal orders—and enjoy a special discount + a master account via the Freshly portal to help manage your orders, meal selection, and delivery.

How It Works

Get Exclusive Discounts

We’ll work with you to develop an exclusive discount and get you easy access to your master admin account.

Select Meals

Select meals on behalf of your people and check out with your discount already applied.

Enjoy Delicious, Balanced Meals

We’ll deliver your meals on site to your organization and make it simple for everyone to enjoy satisfying, balanced options.

No Need to Worry About...

Hiring Caterers
We’ll handle prep and delivery.
Dietary Guidelines
There’s something for everyone.
Balanced Nutrition
We have it covered.
Learn how FreshlyWell can support your meal delivery needs.