June 23, 2022

Supporting Employee Wellbeing & Resilience Through Better Nutrition

This panel discussion offers guidance for employers looking to meet holistic employee wellbeing needs and supporting employee productivity, emotional health, resilience, and food access and security.

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About the Webinar

Over the past two years, the pandemic has led to an increase in working hours, multitasking, and stress, as a result, the health and wellbeing of many employees, and their families, have taken a backseat. Everyday necessities like eating well and routine health check ups have been difficult to prioritize - it’s estimated that poor health costs US employers $530B and 1.4B work days of illness-related lost productivity.

Whether your employees are working from home, in a hybrid work environment or returning to onsite work soon, helping them access proper nutrition in a simple and convenient manner is a win-win for employers looking to improve both employee health and business outcomes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to establish, or revamp, to meet holistic employee wellbeing needs
  • How companies are supporting their employees from a nutrition, wellness and work/life balance perspective
  • The important role of a health-driven work culture
  • Actionable steps employers can make towards promoting better nutritional habits for their employees at work or working remote


Jenna Amos, RDN
Tom Futch

Vice President, FreshlyWell

Jenna Amos, RDN

Head of Nutrition, Freshly